PM Modi in Bhopal / 'Muslims were provoked on Uniform Civil Code, there are no two laws in the house'- PM Modi

Zoom News : Jun 27, 2023, 02:09 PM
PM Modi in Bhopal: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spoken openly on the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) for the first time. He said that vote bank hungry people are provoking Muslims on UCC. The Supreme Court is cracking down on this, it says to bring Uniform Civil Code, but some people do not want to let it be brought. Along with this, he talked about Pasmanda Muslims and said that they are becoming victims of politics. There is no talk about the atrocities on them.

While speaking on triple talaq, the Prime Minister said that many Muslim countries of the world have abolished triple talaq. He said that those advocating triple talaq are vote bank hungry people. The Muslim brothers and sisters of India also have to understand that which political parties want to take advantage of them by provoking them. Some people are instigating Muslim brothers and sisters even in the name of Uniform Civil Code. Will there be two types of rules in the same family?

Some people spread false rumors about UCC

PM Modi said that people spread false rumors about the Uniform Civil Code. If there is a separate arrangement for everyone in a family, will that family be able to run? The Supreme Court is repeatedly saying that bring Uniform Civil Code but these vote bank hungry people do not want to bring it.

BJP's biggest strength is its workers

In the program 'My booth, the strongest', PM Modi said that the interest of the country is paramount for BJP workers. He said that for BJP workers, the country is bigger than the party. PM Modi said that the biggest strength of BJP is its workers. PM Modi addressed 10 lakh workers simultaneously through this program. He said that such a program would never have happened before.

We don't run parties sitting in AC rooms

PM Modi said that booth level information is very important in making any program successful. Targeting other parties, PM Modi said that we do not run the party sitting in AC rooms, nor issue fatwas. We are such people, who do politics on the ground, go from village to village and city to city and share every happiness and sorrow with the people.

To make every village problem free before 2047

In the program 'Mera Booth, Sabse Strong', Prime Minister Modi said that before 2047, every village has to be made problem-free. He asked the workers to install maximum solar energy. The PM said that the village should be green and clean. The Prime Minister said that India will develop only when the village develops. He said that the work of stopping drop out from the school should be done.