Bollywood / Neha Kakkar Milked Out From Buffalo and then she ran away

Zoom News : Oct 06, 2021, 09:33 PM
Bollywood | Apart from her singing, Neha Kakkar is also known for her bubbly style. Every style of the singer is very much liked by the fans and on his cute smile, the hearts of crores of fans come. But what happens when this bubbly actress has to take out milk from the buffalo while sitting in the barn?

milked buffalo

Neha Kakkar is a well-known singer of Bollywood, who is followed by a large number of people. Neha not only wins the hearts of people with her songs, but the fans are in awe of her every cute gesture. Neha often entertains her fans by putting her videos on social media. In this sequence, a video of Neha has surfaced on social media, which is very cute and on which people are lavishing love. In this video, Neha can be seen not singing a song, but taking out the milk of a buffalo.

ran with a bucket

This video of Neha Kakkar has been shared from her fan page. It can be seen in the video that Neha first goes to the buffalo with a bucket and learns to extract milk there. During this, a scarf is also tied on his waist. After seeing Neha Kakkar first she tries to get milk out of fear. She is also seen in the video asking if the buffalo will be in pain. Neha can also be seen in the video running away with her bucket after taking out the milk.

Neha's career

On this video of Neha Kakkar, a lot of reactions of her fans are being seen. While some people are calling this video of Neha cute, some are also asking to deduct money for over acting. Recently Neha has also tried her hand in direction. As a director, she has produced the song 'Pene Lage Ho', in which her husband Rohanpreet Singh and TV actress Jasmin Bhasin have been seen.