India / New Congress members have to pledge to stay away from alcohol drugs not criticise party in public

Zoom News : Oct 23, 2021, 09:23 PM
New Delhi : Any person who wishes to take the primary membership of the Congress party must declare that he will abstain from alcohol and drugs. Not only this, he will also have to give an undertaking that he will not criticize the policies of the party in public. The country's oldest party has changed its form.

According to the new form, new members will have to declare at the time of membership that they will not hold property in excess of the ceiling law and will not hesitate to do manual labor or work while engaging in party policies and programmes. According to the form prepared before the new membership drive, new members will have to make 10 personal promises.

The membership drive will start on November 1 before the organization elections and will continue till March 31 next year. The election for the new Congress president will be held from August 21 to September 20 next year. Recently, this decision has been approved in the Congress Working Committee. The new members will also have to give in writing that they will not indulge in any kind of social discrimination and will work to eliminate it from the society.

The other promises that the new members of Congress will have to make are as follows:- I am used to wearing Khadi. I stay away from alcohol and drugs. I do not do social discrimination and believe in working towards removing it from the society. I am ready to do the assigned work including any kind of manual labour.