World News / North Korea again challenged America, tested ballistic missile for the fourth time in a week

Zoom News : Oct 01, 2022, 10:54 AM
World News: North Korea fired two ballistic missiles early on Saturday, raising the world's tension again. South Korea's military says it is the fourth launch of a nuclear-armed country this week amid joint military exercises between the US and South Korea. North Korea is angry with the US and Japan holding joint military exercises with South Korea.

Troubled by the closeness of America and South Korea

Let us tell you that South Korea, Japan and America have started joint military exercises from Friday. On the other hand, US Vice President Kamala Harris reached Seoul, South Korea on Thursday. North Korea is angry with both these things and is continuously firing missiles. Earlier, he had launched a missile on Thursday. Missiles were also fired on Wednesday before Thursday. Earlier this week also North Korea fired another missile.

South Korea called it a serious provocation

South Korea's military says it has detected two short-range missiles fired into the East Sea from Pyongyang's Sunan area. At the same time, the Joint Chiefs of Staff of Seoul called it a serious provocation in a statement. With long-stalled talks, Pyongyang has doubled down on its banned weapons programs, conducted a record-breaking test this year and amended its laws to declare itself an "irreversible" nuclear power. Is. North Korea marked Harris's visit to Seoul with a flurry of missile launches. Firing of short-range ballistic missiles on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday, including a test just hours after the vice president left South Korea. About 28,500 troops are stationed near Washington to help protect South Korea from the North. Under the leadership of South Korean President Yoon Suk-yol, the two countries have promoted joint exercises, which they say are purely defensive.

then preparing for nuclear test

South Korean and US officials have been warning for months that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is preparing to conduct another nuclear test. On Wednesday, the South's spy agency said North Korea's next nuclear test could take place between China's upcoming party congress on October 16 and the US mid-term election on November 7.