Rajasthan News / Now preparing to give post to pilot, 3 options prepared, decision will be taken after discussion with Rahul Gandhi

Zoom News : Jun 29, 2023, 08:32 PM
Rajasthan News: After making TS Singhdev the deputy CM in Chhattisgarh, now the Congress high command is preparing to take a decision regarding Rajasthan. The work on the formula to end the tussle between CM Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot before the elections is almost complete. Now preparations are on to bring Sachin Pilot into the mainstream by giving him a post. Several rounds of discussion have taken place on the political rehabilitation of the pilot. For this, three options are being considered. The high command will take further steps after Rahul Gandhi returns from Manipur tour.

Then prepare the sharing formula

The Congress high command wants to settle the Gehlot-Pilot tussle before the campaign for the assembly elections begins. For this again the sharing formula has been prepared. Now the exercise to implement it has started. The party high command has been getting feedback that without taking the Pilot camp along, the resentment against the government will not reduce. In such a situation, a plan is being prepared to join both the camps and go to the election ground.

What formula has the high command prepared for Pilot-Gehlot to go to the polls, if the pilots are adjusted somewhere then what will happen to the demands raised by them, what will be the role of Sachin Pilot in ticket distribution?

Three types of options have been prepared for the political rehabilitation of Sachin Pilot. Gehlot and Pilot will be brought together by making a consensus on one of these options.

1. The first option is to make Pilot the National General Secretary and a member of the Congress's Supreme Body Congress Working Committee (CWC) as well as the chairman of the campaign committee for the assembly elections. This formula was discussed earlier also. Due to this, even the opposing camp will not have much problem.

2. The second option is to make Pilot the state president again and the MLA of his camp as deputy CM, but the Gehlot camp is opposing it. For this there will have to be a reshuffle in the cabinet. On the post of state president, Ashok Gehlot has been opposing the pilot instead of the leader of his own camp.

In 2020, Pilot was sacked from the posts of State President and Deputy CM. There is also a danger of displeasure of a large vote bank by removing the Jat class leader from the post of state president in the election year. That's why the Gehlot camp is opposing making Pilot the state president by giving the argument of this danger. To pacify the Gehlot camp and balance the Jat vote bank, the option of making the current state president Govind Singh Dotasara the deputy CM has also been kept open.

3. Apart from these two options, a third option is also being worked out. It will be finalized after Rahul Gandhi returns from Manipur tour. Probably this will be discussed by making CM Gehlot and Pilot sit face to face. It is believed that the option of contesting elections by making Pilot the face of the Congress can be discussed. Although nothing is decided yet.

The issues of Pilot and Singhdev are different

Political experts argue that the case of TS Singhdev in Chhattisgarh cannot be compared to that of Sachin Pilot. TS Singhdev was internally dissatisfied, but he did not cross the political limit. Sachin Pilot has openly opened a front against the government and Ashok Gehlot. Have taken the trip.

After the rebellion in July 2020, they came back after reconciling in August 2020. Pilot issues are also different. The Sachin Pilot camp has been consistently claiming the post of Chief Minister, while the Gehlot camp has been rejecting Pilot's claim by arguing that it has the majority of the MLAs.

On September 25, the matter took a turn after the MLAs of the Gehlot camp boycotted the Legislature Party meeting and showed their attitude to the high command. After that the tussle between the Pilot and Gehlot camps increased further. In such a situation, efforts are being made to find a different formula in the pilot's case.

What will happen to the demands of the pilot if he is given the post?

Sachin Pilot did a walk (from May 11 to June 15) from Ajmer to Jaipur on three issues. After that an ultimatum of 15 days was given. The CM rejected all the three demands by giving statements at different times.

Gehlot had even said about the bankruptcy of the intellect.

Gehlot had even called the demand for compensation to the youth affected by the paper leak as bankruptcy. On the demand for reconstitution by disbanding the RPSC, Gehlot had lightened his tone and said that Pilot is a member of our party family. When he raised the matter, we showed the whole matter, but Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) is a constitutional body. There is no provision to break it.

Even on the investigation into the corruption of Vasundhara Raje government, Gehlot has said that the decision has been taken from the court in all the matters including the allotment of mines. There is a pending case against Vasundhara Raje and that is an ED case. The state government cannot do anything in this.

Pilot cannot directly back on the issue of paper leak

According to experts, even after the reconciliation meeting, Sachin Pilot has given a statement not to back down on issues related to the youth. Paper leak is a big issue in the election year and the opposition is also besieging the government on this. Pilot cannot directly back on paper leak issue. That's why efforts are on to find a middle way, in which the talks of both the pilot and the government remain.

Stop on the harsh rhetoric of both the leaders

Things have changed a lot after the reconciliation meeting in the presence of Rahul Gandhi after giving the ultimatum to the government. There has been a change in the attitude of both the leaders. Gehlot and Pilot have also left strong statements on each other. All this is believed to be the result of the high command's gesture.

It is believed from these indications that the formula to calm the Gehlot-Pilot feud for some time has reached a turning point.

Pilot would also like to roll in ticket distribution

Sachin Pilot is also worried about the tickets of his supporting leaders. Pilot would like his role in ticket distribution. Pilot wants his supporters to be given the same importance in ticket distribution as before. Pilots will be able to advocate for their supporters only by having a role in ticket distribution. Supporters' tickets have been the main concern of the pilot since the time reconciliation came to the table.

According to political experts, the Pilot camp will be given a place in the election committees. There is almost agreement on this also. This time there is a possibility of some change in the old pattern in ticket distribution.