Russia News / Otherwise President Putin 'Knows' and Wagner Chief Silent! Is a 'big storm' coming to Russia?

Zoom News : Jun 26, 2023, 01:44 PM
Russia News: Is this the calm before the storm? Is the crisis averted in Russia? Has Putin succeeded in foiling the coup plot? More than 24 hours have passed and Vladimir Putin, who has been ruling Russia for 23 years, has not been seen. Wagner Chief Prigozhin, who betrayed him, is also silent. Prigozhin, who is known for his fiery statements, has remained silent since the Belarus deal. Prigozhin was last seen taking selfies with his supporters on the streets of Russia. Nothing is known since then. Experts are apprehensive about the silence of both the leaders. They are afraid that the danger from Russia has not averted.

What does this message of Telegram say?

Where is Prigozhin, the chief of mercenary army Wagner, what is he doing, nothing is known for more than 24 hours. There is also speculation that he has gone to Africa or the Middle East. But in the meantime, Gray Zone, a Telegram channel associated with Wagner, has posted a picture. In this painting, Prigozhin is seen gesturing towards the camera to remain silent. The caption below reads, 'Plans Loves Silence.'

In fact, with this message, some time ago the soldiers of Ukraine had posted similar pictures. After this post, the people who are closely watching the whole matter have started apprehension that Wagon is hatching some new conspiracy. Prigozhin's media team is also not ready to tell where he is. The team just says that they will answer all the questions soon.

Is Putin hiding in a bunker?

The past week was not good for Putin, who ruled Russia for 23 years. His own former cook instigated a rebellion against him. Putin's attitude, which usually takes an aggressive stance, was different this time. He made a secret deal with Wagner Chief. Western countries are seeing this as Putin's weakness. But Putin is silent. He has been 'missing' since the airing of a pre-recorded interview on the emergency.

Two presidential planes of Putin have been seen flying. It is being speculated that he is hiding in his secret bunker. Businessman Leonid Nevzlin, who opposes Putin, has claimed that he is hiding in the Valdai palace in Moscow with his close friends.

He has also claimed that Putin is nervous and additional troops are reaching Valdai for his protection. Nevzlin has been critical of the Russian government since the Ukraine war and Putin stripped him of his Russian citizenship.