India / Pakistan conspiracy over kashmir in europe tempted sweden for nato membership

Zoom News : Aug 08, 2022, 10:13 PM
The removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir seems to have inflicted a big wound on Pakistan. He is not ready to forget it. After placing this issue on many international platforms, when it did not succeed, now it is trying to conspire against India by luring European countries. Pakistan has lured some Swedish politicians that if they raise the issue of Kashmir internationally, it will help them get NATO membership.

Pakistan celebrates Yom-e-Istehal on 5th August

Pakistan celebrates Yom-e-Istehal on 5th August which means Day of Atrocities. On this day, India removed Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. This time Pakistan has made a different preparation. He offered to Swedish leaders that he would talk to Turkey to include him in NATO. But they have to raise the issue of Kashmir at the international level.

Sweden and Finland want to become NATO members

Sweden and Finland have applied for NATO membership. Both the countries applied for it only after the war between Russia and Ukraine started. However, Turkey, which is already a member of this military organization, is opposing the membership of these countries. Turkey says that these countries support the Kurdish group terrorist organization. When both countries promised Turkey that they would cooperate in the extradition of suspected terrorists, it too had agreed to their membership. But then things got worse.

Why is Turkey protesting?

Turkey has said that Sweden and Finland have not fulfilled their promise to extradite the terrorists and therefore it will oppose their membership. Now some people of Pakistan are trying to convince that they have good relations with Turkey and they can help in this matter. People say that Pakistani people and organizations were behind whatever programs were organized in the countries of Europe on August 5 regarding the Kashmir issue. In this way the issue was again confined to Pakistan. It did not get the support of the people of other countries.