Country / People did not agree in Delhi took out old vehicles on the road 14494 vehicles got challan of 10 thousand

Zoom News : Oct 14, 2021, 01:00 PM
In Delhi, the effect of strictness on vehicles without Pollution Control Certificate (PUCC) has started showing. After the strictness of the Transport Department, in one and a half months, the number of people who got PUCC made has reached from 10 thousand per day to 38 thousand per day. Since October 7 till date, PUCC of 16494 vehicles has been checked by the enforcement teams of the department. Out of which challans of 10-10 thousand of 1466 vehicle owners have been deducted. This includes 10 vehicular smoke emitters.

According to the Transport Department, 18 lakh vehicles in Delhi do not have PUC certificates. Out of this, notices have been sent to make 13 lakh vehicle owners aware. At the same time, the challan cutting campaign has also been started from October 7.

If we look at the situation, after the strictness of the department in the matter of pollution control certificate, now four times the certificates are being made every day as compared to August. In August, 10,000 certificates were being made every day, which are now being made 38,000 per day. If we look at the figures, from August 10 to September 1, on an average, 10,000 PUC certificates were being generated every day. That is, from September 2 to September 18, the average reached 15 thousand per day. After which an average of 20 thousand PUCs are being made daily from September 19 to October 2.

During October 3 to October 6, PUCs were made on the basis of 20 thousand per day. On the instructions of the Transport Commissioner, the department has started a campaign to cut challans against those without PUC certificate from last October 7. Since then, according to the data till date, 38 thousand PUC certificates are being generated every day.

At the same time, it is also coming to the fore that some people who have valid PUCC are getting the message without PUCC. SK Maheshwari, a businessman of Patparganj industrial area, is also included in such people. They say that they have valid PUCC of both the cars, but they have got the message of not having PUCC.

In this regard, a senior official of the Transport Department said that the message sent on the mobile numbers of the vehicle owners is only to make people aware. If someone has not got PUC made then get it done. Those who have valid PUCC and the message has gone to them, then ignore it. There are about 973 PUC centers in Delhi, where PUC certificate can be made.