Coronasomnia / People suffering from Coronasomnia Post covid, know how to get rid of it

Zoom News : Jun 16, 2021, 10:07 PM
New Delhi: Amidst the worries and fears of the third wave of Coronavirus, now this epidemic has started robbing your sleep. After the Kovid epidemic, now people are not able to sleep properly. The virus is endangering not only people's bodies but also their sleep patterns. Insomnia caused by corona is being called 'Coronasomnia'. Let's know everything about Coronasomnia.

What are the symptoms of Coronasomnia

Is your sleep no longer the same? Even when you try to sleep, your mind keeps running somewhere? Suddenly falling asleep and then having trouble falling asleep again? So maybe you are battling Corona Insomnia. Since the corona epidemic, people around the world are not able to sleep properly and are falling prey to coronasomnia. The worry of losing loved ones, the fear of corona infection, the stress of dealing with the symptoms are clearly visible among the people. Which is having an effect on sleep.

Coronasomnia patients growing rapidly

According to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine in the year 2020, 20 percent of people were troubled by sleep before Corona. After the corona epidemic, this figure has increased to 60 percent. An organization named Royal Philip conducted a sleep-related survey in 13 countries in which 37 percent of people believed that the epidemic had a bad effect on their sleep. 70% of the youth had to face sleep problems since the onset of covid. At the same time, this problem was seen most in women.

Invitation to diseases around the world!

I Am Chugh (Director, Respiratory & Sleep Disorders) of Max Healthcare says that coronasomnia is a big threat to your heart, brain, age, immunity and antibodies. Sleep deprivation is directly related to your heart, blood pressure, stroke. Lack of sleep increases the anxiety inside you. Even less than 1 hour of sleep can have a bad effect on your health. Due to lack of sleep, thoughts like suicide start coming in the mind.

These problems can happen due to lack of sleep

He said that if you get less than 6 hours of sleep, then the risk of Alzheimer's increases. If you sleep only 4 hours a night, then the level of testosterone becomes as much as a person 10 years old, that is, you start looking 10 years older. If you sleep 1 hour less than your stipulated sleep, then the risk of heart attack increases by 24 percent. If you get less than 7 hours of sleep, the risk of cold, cough and flu increases up to 3 times. Even after vaccination due to not getting enough sleep, antibodies are made 50 percent less in the body.

Sanjay Manchanda (Sleep Medicine Senior Consultant) of Gangaram Hospital says that if you are troubled by coronasomnia or you have trouble sleeping, then before you fall prey to any serious illness related to insomnia, you can take care of yourself. Huh. Medicines are not needed to avoid this disease, but by taking some precautionary steps, you can avoid coronasomnia.

do these easy steps

If you do not sleep even after 25 minutes of going to bed, then meditate.

Drink less tea, coffee after 2 pm. Caffeine affects the deep stage of sleep, in which rapid eye movement occurs.

Do not make the bed a workstation.

Take 15 minutes of sunlight in the morning.

Avoid using mobile before sleeping. Blue screen of mobile, TV, computer reduces the amount of melatonin hormone. It also reduces the blinking of the eyelids.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the bedroom temperature should be between 16-19 degrees Celsius. It helps in getting sleep.