Salman khan Firing Case / Picture of those who fired at Salman's house surfaced - bag on back and cap on head

Zoom News : Apr 14, 2024, 08:42 PM
Salman khan Firing Case: Mumbai Police has got a big success in the case of firing at Galaxy Apartment, the house of actor Salman Khan. Police have received photographs of the two suspects who created a sensation by firing five rounds in rapid succession at Salman Khan's building at around 5 am on Sunday morning.

Both the accused are visible in the picture. Both of them have bags hanging on their backs and caps are visible on both their heads. An attacker walking ahead is seen wearing a white jacket with a zip. The second attacker seen walking behind is seen in a red full sleeve T-shirt. Some white colored thing is also visible in the hand of this attacker.

This picture of both has been captured in CCTV. After the pictures of both of them surfaced, Mumbai Police has started searching for the attackers vigorously. According to sources, the central agencies have got important clues about these two attackers. Police is active in this matter. Top officials have also visited Salman's house and taken stock of the situation.

Bishnoi gang took responsibility

Bishnoi gang has taken responsibility for this incident. Lawrence Bishnoi's brother Anmol Bishnoi took responsibility for the attack through a Facebook account. He also said in the post that this attack was done to show the trailer. Anmol Bishnoi has written in his post, “We want peace against oppression. If the decision is taken by war, then war is right. Salman Khan, we have done this to show you the trailer so that you can understand our strength.” It is written in the post that this is the first and last warning. After this the bullets will not fire only at home.