Country / PM Modi and Joe Bidens meeting ends talks on many important issues including business and technology

Zoom News : Sep 24, 2021, 10:51 PM
PM Modi Joe Biden Meet: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that his America's health is harmful. in relation to advertising

PM Narendra Modi's US visit: What happens in the meeting of the Banks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi as chairman. This data has been updated. I said, 'Welcome to me and my Ka. The first time this happens you will do the same thing. Today, you are full of all your ideals for India-Africa.'

Joe Biden said, 'I have long believed that the US-India relationship can help us address many global challenges. In fact until 2006, it will be in the cosmic weather conditions of India and America by 2020. During the meeting, Narendra Modi (PM Modi Joe Biden meeting) said, 'Looking to see that this century said,' in your family we will be successful, to be successful for India-diaspora as well as for the whole world. It is even better to keep up with the updates as India and communications get better.

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Praised the President (PM Modi met the US President) during the meeting. It was said, 'Let the climate change in seasons, like a season in every region. These changes are due to take effect from this advertisement. I believe that even today, we can consider all these bitterly. How can we walk, we can also do this.

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The communication said Modi, 'President Joe database disabled Gandhiji's Iraqi. Talked about Gandhi ji's belief, the virus is dangerous for the times to come. For such a belief, Gandhiji is the communist of this planet. This sense of trust also plays an important role in the imbalance between India and America.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with the President. He said, 'Trade between India and America is important. We can work together in this area too. We will develop our talent to improve the technology.

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It is also affected. At that time, As well as for the meeting of the President of the President. Banson posed as an officer of the rank of President. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and whatever suits you, he tells you time and again. It is similar in Aksum. Height has increased. The last time was on 26th April.