PM Modi US Visit / PM Modi will do yoga with more than 180 countries, organized at UN Headquarters

Zoom News : Jun 18, 2023, 08:38 AM
PM Modi US Visit: Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to America is going to be very special. June 21 is World Yoga Day. The Prime Minister will be at the headquarters of the United Nations on this occasion. A grand event is to be held here on Yoga Day. The Prime Minister will lead it. A large number of Indian citizens will also be present there. For this, the Prime Minister will leave for America a day earlier on June 20. PM Modi will go to Washington DC after Yoga Day celebration.

PM Modi will meet US President Joe Biden on 22 June. President Biden and his wife and US First Lady Jill Biden will welcome the Prime Minister at the White House. High-level talks are to be held here between the Prime Minister and the US President. A state dinner has been arranged for the PM at the White House. According to the Ministry of External Affairs, the state dinner will be attended by hundreds of guests - members of Congress, diplomats, celebrities.

Prime Minister Modi will address the US Congress

The Prime Minister's program for June 22 also includes an address to the US Congress. On the demand of the US Congress, the leaders of the House of Representatives and the Senate had given the invitation to the PM. During this, Kevin McCarthy of the House and Chuck Schumer of the Senate will be present. The next day, on June 23, Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of State Antony Blinken invited him for lunch.

Hope for talks on China's aggression

Most of the Prime Minister's time will be spent with Joe Biden. During this, both the leaders can discuss various issues like global politics, Russia-Ukraine war, increasing aggression of China, terrorism, trade and climate change. During his visit, the Prime Minister will hold meetings with CEOs, professionals, stakeholders. He will also meet Indian citizens. After this, between 24-25 June, the Prime Minister will go to Egypt, which will be his first visit to this country.

G20 meeting and Joe Biden's possible visit to India

India is hosting the G20 in the month of September. Before this, the meeting of leaders of two big democratic countries can give an important message. G20 meeting is to be held in the midst of China's increasing aggression when US President Joe Biden can come to India. There can also be some important deals on PM's US tour, which includes the MQ-9 Reaper drone. The Indian Defense Ministry has approved the purchase of 18 drones, but the final decision has to be taken by the Defense Acquisition Council. There is a possibility that the deal may be final.