Bundelkhand Expressway / PM Narendra Modi inaugurated Bundelkhand Expressway, these are the features of the highway

Zoom News : Jul 16, 2022, 06:04 PM
Bundelkhand Expressway : Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Bundelkhand Expressway in Jalaun on Saturday. After this, say in the public meeting that efforts are being made to bring in the culture of collecting votes by distributing free revdi in the country. This is very dangerous for the development of the country. Be very careful with this.

Starting the speech in Bundeli language, the PM said – Bundelkhand, the birthplace of Ved Vyas, the land of our Baisa Laxmibai, give a chance to Ber-Ber Abe, we are very happy. Our government is working continuously to reduce another challenge of Bundelkhand. We are working on Jal Jeevan Mission to provide piped water to every household.

Will tell Yogiji to build a tourism circuit like Europe here

The PM also saw the tableau made by the artists of Orissa here. The PM said, 'There are many countries in Europe, where there is a pattern of seeing old forts. It becomes a huge tourism sector. Today I will ask Yogi ji to build a tourism circuit here. With this people from all over the world come here and see the fort.

Praising Yogi, Modi said, 'The people of Uttar Pradesh together have changed the picture of UP under the leadership of CM Yogi. Law and order has improved here. Connectivity is also increasing.

PM Modi had laid the foundation stone in 2020

PM Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of the expressway in February 2020, which was targeted to be completed in February 2023, but despite the Corona crisis, it has been completed 8 months ago. The construction of the expressway has excited the government and the officials associated with the project, while the opposition, especially the Samajwadi Party, has been a constant attacker.

This is the specialty of 296 km long expressway

The expressway, spread over a radius of 296 km, will now cut the time from Delhi to Chitrakoot by almost half. Where earlier it used to take 12 to 14 hours, this distance will now be completed in 6 hours. It is said that Rs 2200 crore was spent in buying the land of this expressway and Rs 14,850 crore has been spent for the construction. The second feature of the expressway is that it has more than 15 flyovers, more than 10 major bridges, more than 250 minor bridges, 6 toll plazas and four railway bridges.