Bollywood / Priyanka Chopra Wearing Transparent Dress, Small Bag saved Her From Oops Moment

Zoom News : Oct 09, 2021, 06:31 AM
Bollywood | Priyanka Chopra is often known for her best style. Her style remains splendid every time. As soon as the look of the actress comes out, it becomes viral. But sometimes in order to look more stylish, she also becomes a victim of oops moment. The same thing happened once when she had come to dinner with her husband Nick Jonas and during this time her dress betrayed her.

Skirt was too transparent

Priyanka Chopra had to go to a dinner party with her husband and the dress she chose to go there was quite risky. She was also trolled a lot because of this dress of Priyanka and the reason for this was the transparent look of the dress. Yes, the dress that Priyanka wore had a plain black sleeveless top on top. But at the bottom of the dress, there was a transparent sheer skirt of black color with a floral pattern made of green and black colors.

Chutku bag saved the shame

Although Priyanka carries whatever she wears with full confidence, but due to the transparentness of the dress, Priyanka was also seen very uncomfortable in many pictures. However, during this time Priyanka's green chutku bag supported her a lot and saved her from being a victim of Oops Moment.

The cost of the dress was 58 thousand

This dress of Priyanka Chopra was designed by London's famous fashion designer Ekaterina Kukhareva. Sharing Priyanka's pictures on her official Instagram, the designer said that the name of this dress is rhea dress and this sleeveless maxi dress is quite popular among Hollywood celebs like Kendall Jenner. According to the official website of Kukhareva, the price of this dress is 625 pounds i.e. about 58 thousand rupees.