Bollywood / Radhika Apte Nude photos leaked actress locked up herself in house

Zoom News : May 21, 2021, 09:46 AM
Bollywood actress Radhika Apte is known for her serious characters. Radhika stays away from controversies, but a nude clip of her was leaked a few days ago. The clip was from the film Clean Shaven. The pictures went viral, adding to Radhika's problems. Now Radhika has spoken openly about this and she told what the whole matter was and what difficulties she had to go through.

Nude photos were leaked

Remembering the days after the nude photos were leaked, Radhika Apte shared many things that hurt her a lot. Speaking to Grazia magazine, she said, 'During the shooting of the film Clean Shaven, when my nude pictures were leaked, people trolled me badly and all these things were affecting me.'

Radhika was not even going out of her house

Radhika Apte further says, 'I could not even step out of the house for four days. All this was not happening because of what was happening about me in the media, but it was different. My driver, my watchman, my stylist's driver were identifying me with those pictures. '

'Now there is nothing left to hide'

Radhika Apte said, 'Controversial photos that went viral were selfies without clothes. If any intelligent and good-hearted person would have seen them, he would have understood that she was not me or he would have ignited them. I do not think that anything can be done about this or someone will be able to do something, just that it can be ignored. Paying more attention to this is the time to go. When I had to give a bold scene in the film Parched, I realized that there is nothing left to hide now. '

'It was hard for me'

Talking about the nude scene in Parched, Radhika Apte said, 'It was not easy for me to do so at all. I used to think about many issues related to my own body. In such a situation it was very difficult for me to give the news scene, but now I do it without any hesitation.

Work started after this film

Radhika Apte ends her talk saying that she takes pride in her body's texture, color, appearance. Radhika said, "Yes, it happened that the film (Parched) was shown on many platforms, after which people appreciated and got new work."

Don't want to change face and body

Radhika Apte Apte said, 'I needed a role because when you are a part of Bollywood, people constantly tell you what you can do with your body. I always thought that I will not do anything with my body and face.