Rajasthan Elections / Rahul Gandhi attacks PM Modi, says he is trying to create two Indias

Zoom News : Nov 23, 2023, 10:30 AM
Rajasthan Elections: The election campaign for the Rajasthan Assembly elections is intense. A tough contest is being seen here between Congress and BJP. Meanwhile, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday addressed election rallies in Rajkheda, Nadbai and Gangapur City of Rajasthan. At the same time, Rahul Gandhi is fiercely targeting BJP in election rallies. Rahul Gandhi said on Wednesday that BJP wants to create two Indias. He said that he wants to create two Indias. On one side is Adaniwala India and on the other side is true Hindustan, Mother India, where people work hard and shed blood and sweat 24 hours a day. We do not want two Indias.

If government is formed then caste census will be done first.

Further, Rahul Gandhi said that if the Congress government comes to power again in Rajasthan, then the first thing it will do is conduct caste census. Also, as soon as our government comes to power at the Centre, Congress will conduct caste census in the entire country. He said that there should be equal participation of backward, poor, Dalits and tribals. They should get their rights. After the caste census is conducted, governments will be able to take action accordingly. India will change after caste census. He said that the day India allows its poor, backward, tribals and Dalits to participate in running the country, a miracle will happen in India.

Modi becomes OBC at the time of elections

Taking a dig at PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi said that Prime Minister Modi says in every speech that he belongs to the OBC community. What is the population of OBC in India? No one knows. No one knows what is the population of backward people in our country, hence it is necessary to conduct caste census and give them their due rights. Rahul Gandhi said, ever since he talked about caste census, Modi has changed his speech. Since then Modi has been saying that there is one caste in India and that is the poor. When the time comes to win elections, Modi becomes an OBC, but when it comes to giving participation to the OBC class, he says there is only one caste and that is the poor.

The country is not run by MPs and MLAs alone.

Rahul Gandhi said that India does not run with MPs and MLAs. At least 90 officials, including the Cabinet Secretary and the Prime Minister, run the country. These people decide how much money from the budget will go to the country's health, education, insurance scheme and defence. Out of these 90 officers, how many IAS officers are from backward class? The backward population is about 50 percent and out of these 90 officers, only one officer is tribal and three officers are Dalits. He said that today the backward population is about 50 percent, but their share is less than five percent.