Another coalition on the verge of Break / Rajasthan government did not allow NCP to do symbolic sit in Bali Sub Division HQ

Zoom News : Dec 27, 2020, 08:51 PM
Jaipur | RLP of Rajasthan has broken alliance with the Modi government on the issue of farmers. On the other hand, the Congress-ruled government of Rajasthan has refused to allow the Nationalist Congress Party's proposed dharna in Bali on Sunday. Since NCP has already decided to field independent candidates on all three assembly seats. In the panchayat raj elections, NCP candidates have damaged the Congress in many districts including Pali and the NCP has also announced to contest the Bali Municipal elections on its own level. In such a situation, the Congress government of Rajasthan refused to allow the NCP to Giving for public issue due to symbolic strike. However, NCP state president Ummed Singh Champawat met the activists and public in bali. They hearings people personally and directed the officers of the people's work for the second consecutive day.

Opposition in the country wants to come under the banner of NCP

State President Champawat says "Even though the whole opposition in national level politics is trying to come under the banner of NCP. It is clear if we look at the recent statements of Mamta Banerjee  from West Bengal and Shiv Sena's mouthpiece 'Saamna' Only NCP Chief Sharad Pawar can give successful leadership to the UPA at the national level. Though there is a demand in the country from Bengal to Maharashtra to give UPA command in the hands of NCP chief Sharad Pawar. But in Rajasthan local Congress government refused to allow NCP to hold a symbolic strike only in Bali Sub Division Rajasthan. In such a situation, this alliance does not seem to be going on much.

Refuse to cite some rules

NCP state president Ummed Singh Champawat has said on this issue that the state president said, "We were refused permission to cite certain rules." At the same time, other parties are doing programs like picketing demonstration in the middle of Kovid without permission. Our party is a disciplined and public oriented party. In such a situation, we respect the systems of democracy. Administrative officials are not taking any action against those who staged picketing. It is a mockery of direct actions. He said that we have not stopped our work if we are not allowed to sit. We have conducted a two-day program of direct interaction with the local public and received memorandums. Memorandums from hundreds of people. That has been sent to the departments concerned and information has been given to the Chief Minister's Office. We do not require any governmental permission to raise the voice of the people of Bali. We are doing this continuously in other ways.

Discussion for municipal elections

There was also a meeting of local NCP officials about elections for the Bali municipality. Possible candidates claimed tickets with their respective supporters for tickets for municipal elections in front of the state president. Panchayat Samiti NCP candidates also met Champawat and churned the election results. Party Officials have taken feedback from everyone on the upcoming municipal election strategy. It is clear that NCP is also not in a mood to keep alliance with Congress More. The promises made by the Congress in alliance with the NCP have not been fulfilled. In such a situation, the NCP has now made up its mind to contest elections in two hundred seats of the Rajasthan Assembly. it will probably start by nominating its candidates on NCP Symbol in the three by-elections to the assembly in the 2021.