Entertainment / Rakhi Sawant Bigg Boss House Entry with Twist controversy queen entry in marathi bigg boss 4 not bigg boss 16

Zoom News : Dec 01, 2022, 10:18 AM
Rakhi Sawant Bigg Boss Entry: Rakhi Sawant, who is also known as 'Controversy Queen', is once again coming to create panic on TV screens. Sometime back, when Bigg Boss 16 was about to begin, Rakhi had expressed her desire in front of the media that she too would like to go to Bigg Boss house and be there with her boyfriend Adil Durrani. While she is known, she also wants to marry him. Please tell that this wish of Rakhi to go to Bigg Boss house has been fulfilled but there is a twist in it. Let's know what is this twist...

Rakhi Sawant's entry in Bigg Boss house

As we just told you, Rakhi Sawant has taken entry in Bigg Boss house. In the released promo, it can be seen that Rakhi has entered Bigg Boss house in red clothes. While taking the entry, Rakhi says- 'I am mother for you too! I am the first wife of Bigg Boss. Many more wildcard entries also came after him. Rakhi Sawant has been brought in as a challenger.

Rakhi's welcome in Bigg Boss house with this twist

If you are wondering which twist we are talking about here, then let us tell you. Actually Rakhi's entry has happened in Bigg Boss but not in Bigg Boss 16 with Salman Khan. Rakhi Sawant has reached the house of Marathi Bigg Boss Season 4. Please tell that Rakhi just wanted to come in Bigg Boss, so she is very happy even after coming in Marathi season.