Entertainment News / 'There is no money for food' - Sawant demands that she keeps 500 rupees and will give a special opportunity in return

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 04, 2024, 07:00 AM
Entertainment News: Actress Rakhi Sawant, famous as the drama queen in Bollywood, does not leave any chance to remain in the news. Every day she comes among the people with a new controversy. This is the reason why she is also called controversy queen. The controversy of her divorce from Adil Durrani was not over yet that now she has started seen with her ex-husband Ritesh Singh. After a long time, she has returned from Dubai and this time Ritesh has also come with her. Both are constantly being spotted in front of the paparazzi. For this reason Rakhi has once again come into discussion. Recently Rakhi Sawant has created a stir with a new statement. The actress says that she has no money for food and now she will charge Rs 500 for every selfie.

Rakhi Sawant's video is going viral

In the video that has surfaced, you can see that a woman asks Rakhi Sawant for a selfie. Reacting to this, Rakhi Sawant says that there is no money for food, Rs 500 for a selfie. After this she calls the woman and says that if you want a selfie then take it. Hearing this, the woman comes closer and takes a selfie and says thank you. Then Rakhi Sawant tells her that thank you will not help, give Rs 500. Do it on Google. Rakhi had said all these things in a joking manner. Now this video of Rakhi has gone viral. Rakhi Sawant's ex-husband Ritesh Singh is also seen in this video. He is constantly being spotted with the actress.

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There was a ruckus after the marriage

The actress had hidden her marriage with Ritesh Singh for a long time. Ritesh came before the world after appearing in 'Bigg Boss' and he had accepted that he had married Rakhi Sawant. Their relationship broke as soon as they left 'Bigg Boss'. It was revealed in the show itself that Ritesh is already married and has a child, against whom a divorce case is going on. Even before the divorce, he had married Rakhi Sawant, which was not legal. In such a situation, Rakhi kept distance from him and Ritesh had claimed that Rakhi used to take money from him. Both of them had thrown a lot of mud at each other. Now once again both are seen together. Rakhi Sawant says that Ritesh supported her during the legal battle with Adil and now both of them are good friends.