20.71 lakh new infected in the world / Record cases of Omicron in Australia, emergency imposed in the country's second largest state

Zoom News : Jan 19, 2022, 09:47 AM
In the last day, 20.71 lakh new corona infections have been identified in the world, while 5,286 people have died. America tops the new infected with 3.89 lakh patients. Meanwhile, Tuesday was the deadliest day of the pandemic for Australia, as the rapidly growing Omicron outbreak pushed hospitalization rates to record highs. Only 12 per cent beds are available in the country's hospitals.

Omicron's outbreak is now on top in Australia and 73,000 new infections were recorded on Tuesday. Health Minister Greg Hunt has activated a plan for private hospitals to send 57,000 nurses and over 100,000 workers to Omicron-affected areas across the country. Leaves of health workers can also be canceled under the scheme.

The Health Minister has declared a state of emergency in hospitals in the country's second largest state. These hospitals are grappling with shortage of staff amid increasing number of patients. In one day 74 infected people died in the three most populous states. 36 patients died in New South Wales, 22 in Victoria and 16 in Queensland. The infection rate is at its peak in New South Wales. A state of emergency has been declared in hospitals in Melbourne, the state capital of Victoria.

Japan: ready to expand restrictions

The Japanese government is preparing to impose social restrictions in the capital Tokyo and other areas in view of the transition from the Omicron variant of Corona. Japan has not yet imposed a lockdown due to the pandemic but has focused on premature closure of restaurants and bars. Despite the rise in the cases of COVID-19, many parts of the country are witnessing crowds and large numbers of people are gathering in shops and events.

If not everyone gets the vaccine, new variants will keep coming: UN

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called for vaccination to reach everyone in the world. He said, everyone has to ensure vaccination, because if we leave one behind, it means we will leave everyone behind. He was urging global leaders to address inequality at the World Economic Forum's (WEF) online Davos Agenda, the 2022 summit. He said, if everyone is not vaccinated, then new forms of the virus will continue to appear, which will affect normal life and economic activities.

2000 'rats' to be killed in Hong Kong

The administration has said that about 2,000 hamsters (rat-like creatures) will be killed if found corona infected. Several hamsters were found infected in a pet store because a corona infected employee was working there. The import-export of this creature of the gnawing species will also be stopped. However, the administration also said that no evidence has been found of the spread of corona from organisms to humans. But as a precaution, all hamsters bought from stores after January 7 will inevitably be killed.

Two former crew members arrested

Police have arrested two former members of the aircraft crew for breaking the Kovid-19 rules. Due to the possibility of infection, both of them had reportedly come out of the house instead of living in isolation. Both these people came from America on 24 and 25 December. While under medical supervision, he also carried out unnecessary activities.