Bollywood / Salman Khan Abs Secret Fake or Real Actor Gave Answer in Interview Long time Ago

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 07, 2022, 04:33 PM
Bollywood | Who doesn't get impressed by the physique of superstar Salman Khan? Salman Khan has been maintaining such muscular physique for the last several decades and for this he pays a lot of attention to his diet along with doing routine workouts. But as far as Salman Khan's own physique is concerned, a long time ago a video went viral, sharing which it was being claimed that Salman Khan's abs are actually fake.

Salman Khan had told this reason in the interview

While sharing the video, people were claiming that Salman Khan's upper body is definitely heavy but the 6 pack abs he flaunts in films are actually fake. When this question was directly asked to Salman Khan, he clarified about this and said that in reality his abs are very big, due to which he looks like a stomach when wearing a shirt.

Khan shows off his abs by wearing a gelatin suit?

Salman Khan had told that his abs are much bigger than other actors. This is the reason that when he is shirtless, his muscles look appealing, but when he is wearing a shirt or any clothes, he looks like a stomach. However, once while sharing the video, KRK claimed that Salman actually flaunts his 6 pack abs using a gelatin suit or VFX.

6 pack abs are made with the help of VFX!

Another video of Salman Khan also went viral in which it was shown how Dabang Khan does not have 6 pack abs on his stomach but with the help of VFX, an attempt is made to make him look muscular as most of his films are based on his physique from the beginning. There have been hits on the go. That video of Salman Khan from an event also went viral in which his stomach peeping through the T-shirt was clearly visible.