Bollywood / Salman Khan Security upgraded to Y plus grade Maharashtra Government after Lawrence Bishnoi threat

Vikrant Shekhawat : Nov 01, 2022, 06:50 PM
Bollywood | The Maharashtra government has taken a big decision regarding the security of Bollywood actor Salman Khan after the Lawrence Bishnoi gang allegedly threatened him with death. The Shinde government of Maharashtra has decided that Mumbai Police will provide Y+ category security cover to actor Salman Khan. The Bishnoi gang had allegedly threatened to kill Salman Khan and his family. Please tell that Lawrence Bishnoi is in jail. The Bishnoi gang is accused of killing Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala in May this year.

Lawrence Bishnoi had threatened Salman Khan during a court hearing in Jodhpur even a few years back. He had said that Salman Khan had hurt the sentiments of Bishnois by hunting a black buck. He says that the Bishnoi society worships the black buck and Salman Khan has instigated the Bishnois by killing him.

Recently, the threat to Salman Khan's family was received in the form of a paper slip. Somebody had left the threat slip on the same bench where Salman Khan's father, writer Salim Khan, was sitting after his regular morning walk. After this threat, Salman was provided security by the Mumbai Police. But now, they have been provided Y+ security cover by the Maharashtra state government.

By the way, apart from Salman Khan, the security of Akshay Kumar and Anupam Kher has also been increased. Akshay has been given X protection and the reason behind this is being told due to social media hatred and threats regarding his Canadian nationality. Anupam Kher has been receiving death threats since the release of Vivek Agnihotri's The Kashmir Files.