Rahul Gandhi Manipur Visit / Slogans of Rahul go back were raised, but he has to open a shop of love - BJP's taunt on Rahul

Zoom News : Jun 29, 2023, 05:37 PM
Rahul Gandhi Manipur Visit: Rahul Gandhi has arrived here on Thursday amidst the ongoing violence in Manipur for the last two months. Rahul Gandhi's convoy was stopped at a police check post when it was going from Bishnupur to Churachandpur. After stopping, when the supporters of Rahul Gandhi opposed the action of the police here, the police also released tear gas shells to control them. On Rahul Gandhi's visit to Manipur, BJP has said that he should have gone aware and sensitive.

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra has said in a press conference that the stubbornness with which Rahul Gandhi has gone to Manipur is not right. He said that Rahul Gandhi should have accepted the request of the Manipur administration. In fact, the administration has told Rahul Gandhi that his visit is being opposed at many places, due to which he should be more careful. Sambit has said that Rahul Gandhi should understand the situation in Manipur.

Many organizations against Rahul's visit

Sambit has said that many organizations in Manipur had asked to boycott Rahul's visit while protesting. He said that women's organizations are also against Rahul's visit. During the conference, Patra said that the administration has asked Rahul Gandhi to go to Churachandpur by helicopter. He can go there for just 2500 rupees. So that the possibilities of deteriorating the environment on the road can be stopped. Patra said that even after this, Rahul Gandhi does not agree.

Rahul should be more responsible

BJP spokesperson said that Rahul Gandhi does not listen and he has to open a shop of love. He told that what was feared is happening there, here people are standing on the road carrying placards and raising slogans of Rahul Go Back. When this happened in Bishnupur, Rahul Gandhi had to return. He said that Rahul Gandhi needs to be more responsible and sensitive on this issue. Sambit said that there was peace there for many days, but this morning there is news of a loss of life. He has also advised Rahul Gandhi not to do politics on small matters.