Karnataka / Speeding ambulance toppled at a toll gate near Byndoor of Karnataka video goes viral

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jul 20, 2022, 08:29 PM
Karnataka | A horrifying video of a road accident has surfaced at a toll gate near Bindoor, Karnataka. It is seen in the video how a speeding ambulance swayed. Within moments, the ambulance was blown up. Four people have died due to this. Among the dead are three people, including a patient in an ambulance, while another deceased is said to be a toll worker. Watch video...

According to news agency ANI, an ambulance carrying a patient and two attendants lost control and collided with a toll booth near Bindoor in Karnataka's Udupi district, killing three people including a patient in the ambulance and a toll attendant. died. The driver is injured. According to the police, the incident of this dreadful accident has been captured in a CCTV at the toll booth. It is being told that this horrific accident happened due to the slip of the ambulance in the rain.

In the footage, some people, who are security guards and toll operators, are seen running to remove plastic barricades after seeing ambulances swaying.

The footage showed a guard successfully clearing two barricades before the toll plaza. But in the process of removing the last barricade, he also gets hit by an ambulance and died in the accident.