Maharashtra News / Struggle in Kolhapur due to putting Aurangzeb's photo on the status, Hinduist organizations came on the road

Zoom News : Jun 07, 2023, 02:04 PM
Maharashtra News: Today (June 7, Wednesday) in Maharashtra's Kolhapur, during the protest march organized by Hindutva organizations, the police had to lathi charge to control the situation. This march was organized by some Muslim youths to protest against the posting of Aurangzeb in the social media status. Some protesters have been detained by the police. In view of the apprehensions of increasing tension in the two communities, the administration has imposed a ban till June 19. Hindutva organizations have also called for Kolhapur bandh today.

Hindutva organizations had called upon Hindus to gather at Chhatrapati Shivaji Chowk. A crowd of people had started gathering from nine o'clock this morning itself to join the protest march. Gradually the crowd increased and a tense situation started to arise. After this, the police lathicharged to bring the situation under control. The Maharashtra Home Department has ordered the police to bring the situation under control as soon as possible.

CM Shinde called a press conference appealing for peace, internet service stopped

In his press conference at 1 pm, CM Eknath Shinde said that no one should take law and order in his hands. Keep calm. The situation is being brought under control. We are in constant touch with the police. Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis is going to address the journalists on this whole issue at 2 pm. Earlier, while issuing a message, he said that it is everyone's collective responsibility not to behave inappropriately. The guilty will not be spared. Keep calm. Meanwhile, keeping in mind that no untoward incident should happen, internet service has been stopped in Kolhapur. Police has appealed not to pay heed to the rumours.

What is the background of Kolhapur protest march by Hindutva organization?

Before today's Kolhapur Protest, on Sunday in Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar (Aurangabad), some Muslim youths danced with posters of Aurangzeb during the procession. After this, some youths in Kolhapur put Aurangzeb's picture in their social media status. Hindutva organizations complained about this by going to Laxmipuri police station and calling for Kolhapur bandh today, demanding strict action against those who posted objectionable posts.

Protesters threw stones at closed shops, police lathicharged

The crowd started gathering from this morning itself and the situation started getting tense. Shops were closed due to the closure of Kolhapur. But the protesters pelted stones at the closed shops. Seeing the tension rising, the police lathi-charged, released tear gas shells and detained some protesters. On how many people were taken into custody, the police said to disclose later. The police assured to take action against the stone pelters. It was clarified by the police administration at 1.15 am that force was used to bring the situation under control. Presently the situation has come under control.

6 people arrested for posting Aurangzeb's status, assurance of strict action

The official statement from the Kolhapur Police said that even when the curfew has already been imposed and action has been initiated against those who posted objectionable posts, the protest march is being carried out. There is a possibility of increasing tension due to this. No one has the right to take law and order in his hands. Kolhapur Guardian Minister Deepak Kesarkar has said that 6 people who put Aurangzeb's photo in status have been arrested. Strict action has been assured against them.

Won't tolerate glorification of Aurangzeb - Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis

Meanwhile, Maharashtra Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis has given a statement that glorification of Aurangzeb will not be tolerated. For the last few days, a trend of exaltation of Aurangzeb has started in different places of Maharashtra. We are getting it investigated. At least we have some idea who is behind this? But it is certain that Aurangzeb's glorification will not be tolerated in Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj's Maharashtra.

No one dared to glorify Aurangzeb in Thackeray's rule - Sanjay Raut

On this issue, Thackeray faction's MP Sanjay Raut said that someone dances with Aurangzeb's poster, someone puts up a status. In the state where Aurangzeb was buried (Aurangzeb's tomb in Aurangabad) someone is daring to glorify Aurangzeb, it shows the weakness of the Shinde Fadnavis government. No one had such courage during the Thackeray government.

Everyone knows who is spreading unrest in the country – Sanjay Raut

Talking to our associate news channel TV9 Marathi, Sanjay Raut said that, creating religious tension on Shahu Maharaj's land shows the failure of the government. Who is plotting to spoil the environment of Maharashtra? A similar attempt was made in Karnataka as well. No one can dare to put up Aurangzeb's poster or status here. Everyone knows who is doing the work of creating unrest in the country. Are these people planted by the government itself?

Instead of creating religious harmony, the government is provoking spoilers- Pawar

On this issue, Sharad Pawar put the Shinde-Fadnavis government in the dock and said that the job of the government is to maintain religious harmony, but the BJP is provoking those who create tension between the two communities. If someone showed Aurangzeb's poster in Aurangabad, then why is it being opposed in Pune and Kolhapur?