America Flights / Suddenly all the flights stopped in America, know why all the planes were stopped

Zoom News : Jan 11, 2023, 06:42 PM
America Flights: America is now facing a new problem. The country has to cancel all its flights suddenly. According to reports, all flights across the US have been canceled due to a glitch in the computer system of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). After which passengers are facing trouble at all the airports of America.

International and domestic flights have been affected due to the technical glitch, with passengers from Paris and Madrid complaining about cancellations of their trips to the US. At least 500 flights departing from US airports have been reported delayed.

Some passengers complained of being stuck on the runway at the Los Angeles airport for hours. A growing list of US airports affected includes JFK Airport in New York, Tampa, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Honolulu, Ronald Reagan Washington and Jacksonville. The FAA said it was trying to fix the issue.

A spokesperson told NBC that the FAA is working to restore its Notice to Air Mission system. We are doing final checks and are now reopening the system. Operations in the national airspace system are affected. Many passengers complained of being stranded as airports around the world are facing problems due to this problem.

FAA told that in view of this problem NOTAM (Notice to Air Mission) was issued. Issuance of NOTAM means banning all flights in a certain airspace. It has often been seen that NOTAM is issued at the time of testing of missiles or other aerial equipment. After its release, there is no threat to normal aircraft operations.