Business News / Tata Group reaches 'God's refuge', will earn bumper like this

Zoom News : Feb 18, 2024, 08:00 PM
Business News: Tata Group is one of those business houses in the country which works in almost every sector. This group has now reached 'God's refuge'. No, nothing like that has happened, rather Tata Group has made a bumper plan of earning from big religious and spiritual places of the country like Vaishno Devi to Ayodhya and Tirupati.

In fact, 'Indian Hotels Company Limited', a company of Tata Group, has now planned to expand its network. The company wants to become a leader in this segment. Therefore, the company has either opened or is moving towards opening hotels at various religious places in the country. The company believes that it will become a global leader in this segment. This company runs hotels under the brand names Taj, Vivanta and Ginger.

Hotels from Vaishno Devi to Ayodhya

Puneet Chatwal, MD and CEO of Indian Hotels, says that Tata Group hotels are now present in more than 50 places in the country. In the coming years their number will increase to 66. In this, the company's hotels have opened from Vaishno Devi to Tirupati Balaji. At the same time, the company is also expanding its hotels in the newly developing spiritual tourism area like Ayodhya. The company has signed 3 contracts, one of which will be operational within a year. The company intends to expand its portfolio.

He said that even in a place like Guwahati, we were the first hotel brand to reach. We opened the hotel by spending our own money. We are providing services at many spiritual places and this is also a part of our strategy.

‘Everyone goes to seek God’s blessings’

Puneet Chatwal says, “I think spiritual destinations and spirituality are going to play a more important role around the world. It has a very important role not only for us but also for the world population. We are happy that we are at the forefront in this. Not only this, religious and spiritual places are also a safer option in terms of tourism and hospitality because people go there to seek blessings of God in good or bad times, be it any kind of good, bad, sad or happy event. . It is part of our culture.”