India best dancer / Terence Lewis And Malaika Arora Dance Video Goes Viral Before India Best Dancer 2, Watch Video

Zoom News : Oct 09, 2021, 07:27 AM
Malaika Arora and Terence Lewis Dance Video Viral: After the finale of Super Dancer Chapter 4, India Best Dancer 2 is also going to start soon. Which will once again be seen judging by Terence Lewis, Geeta Kapoor and Malaika Arora. But even before the start of the show, a scintillating dance video of Terence and Malaika is going viral in which both are seen dancing on the heritage song Dhol Bajne Laga. That too in a great way.

Malaika's splendid dance in red colored Ghaghar

We all know how stylish Malaika Arora is, as well as everyone is aware of her dancing talent. Malaika dances splendidly, whether it is to do Chhaiya Chhaiya by climbing a train or Anarkali dances in the discs. Every time Malaika makes the magic of her style work. Although there have been discussions about the dance of Terence Lewis and Malaika Arora in the past, but this time this video is in a lot of headlines. Malaika is seen wearing a red colored ghagra, while Terence is also in an Indian look. Geeta Kapoor is choreographing the dance of both.

Have learned dance from Terence Lewis

Very few people know that Malaika Arora herself has also been a student of Terence Lewis. This thing is about 20 years old when Malaika also used to go to Terence Lewis's dance academy to learn dance. This was disclosed by Malaika herself in The Kapil Sharma Show last year. Then Terence was also with him and he told that Malaika was a very good student, she used to learn dance very quickly and listened to everything carefully. Malaika remembers everything taught by Terence, that's why she herself is such a great dancer.