Maharashtra News / The boy wanted to join the army, the traffic police filed a case even after apologizing, he lost his life

Zoom News : Jul 29, 2023, 01:47 PM
Maharashtra News: A young man who dreamed of joining the Indian Army and Police committed suicide, upset over his career ending due to a case of drunk and drive. This incident is from Thane area adjacent to Mumbai. Manish Utekar, who committed suicide in this case, had written a suicide note and sent it to his mother before committing suicide. In this suicide note, Manish has written the names of some traffic policemen and has also demanded action against them.

Fearing the end of career committed suicide

Deceased Manish Utekar's dream was to join the army or join the police department to serve the country. But Manish felt that his career might be in danger after his name was registered in a drunk and drive case, so he committed suicide out of fear. Manish has told these things in the suicide note written to his mother. Before committing suicide, Manish had sent this suicide note on his mother's phone.

"Sir threatened - your career has to be ruined"

Everyone's heart will cry knowing whatever Manish has written in the suicide note sent to his mother. Manish has written in the suicide note, my friend and I were drunk on the day of Gatari. We were caught by traffic police More Saheb for drunken driving in Kopri area of Thane East. I am a student giving exam for army recruitment and going to police department. The day the vehicle was caught, we were told to come tomorrow. We went the next day and apologized and were ready to pay whatever the amount of the fine was. But the police threatened that they would have to go to court. From how many bike riders in front of me, these people took bribe and left them. On the third day I went back and apologized, I said that sir, I am ready to pay whatever the amount of fine is. If I go to court, my career will end. But the traffic police Sudhakar and Pushkar saheb threatened and said that your career has to be ruined."

"Committing suicide due to traffic police pressure"

Manish further wrote in his suicide note, "It is because of this fear that I am committing suicide today. I am committing suicide by being upset that no one else's life should be ruined like this in the future. Today The situation which has happened to me, should not happen to anyone else tomorrow. I respect all the traffic policemen, but don't treat anyone else like this, the way they treated me. I am taking this step under pressure. That's why I am keeping all this in writing. That car belongs to my friend, it is not his fault. I am committing suicide only because of the pressure of Traffic Police Sudhakar Sahab and Traffic Police Pushkar Sahab."

The relatives of the deceased appealed to CM Shinde for justice

Manish Utekar was a resident of Wagle Estate area of Thane city. Saddened by the suicide of their brother, the family is pleading with Chief Minister Eknath Shinde for justice for their deceased brother. The elder brother of deceased Manish said that today my younger brother is not in this world. We are sorry for this, but I request the administration, as well as the Chief Minister whom people call Nath Eknath, that action should be taken against the concerned police officers in this matter and we get justice.

On the other hand, Thane's Traffic DCP Vinay Rathore justified the whole action regarding this matter and said that the legal process will be completed in the court for the presentation of the drink and drive case. At the same time, the police termed Manish's step as wrong.