Jalore / The bride's pole opened in the photo session, the groom got married to another girl under the guise of a veil

Zoom News : May 30, 2022, 06:22 PM
Jalore. Saravana police in Jalore district of Rajasthan has arrested a woman in connection with fake marriage and grabbing jewelery including Rs 5 lakh. The caught fake bride (Looteri Dulhan) is a resident of Gujarat. The matter was revealed in the photo session of the bride with the women of the groom's family after the wedding. Seeing the face of the bride there, the women of the family told that this is not the bride whose photo was shown. On this the victim approached the police and narrated her ordeal. After registering the report, the police took quick action and arrested the fake bride and presented her in the court. From there he was sent to jail.

According to the police, on May 27, Sohan Singh Bhomia, a resident of Dantia, presented a report at the Sarwana police station and told that fraud had taken place in the name of getting married with him. He told that Murad Khan and Ganpat Singh got him married to another girl by taking money and jewellery. While he was shown a photo of another girl for marriage. Saravana police got the case registered and Gujarat

it was the whole matter

Murad Khan, a resident of Dantia, asked Sohan Singh to get married to the daughter of the brother-in-law of Ganpat Singh Chauhan, a resident of Deesa, Gujarat. In return, he demanded Rs 5 lakh from Sohan Singh. Sohan Singh came under his bluff and reached Ganpat Singh's house in Deesa along with Murad Khan with elder brother Tej Singh, Bhanwar Singh and Gain Singh. There Ganpat Singh showed him the photo of a 20-year-old girl and told that it is the daughter of his brother-in-law Kirti Singh.

Confirmed marriage by showing the girl's photo

During this, on asking for money, Sohan Singh's elder brother Tej Singh gave Rs 2 lakh and after a month confirmed the marriage. On May 26, Murad Khan told the family members of Sohan Singh that Ganpat Singh's family had died. So four or five people should go with him and marry Sohan Singh and bring the bride home. On this, Sohan Singh again left for Deesa on the same day with Bhai Tej Singh along with Jethu Singh, Bhanwar Singh, Hadmat Singh, Jalam Singh and Murad Khan.

got married overnight

They reached Deesa at around 10 pm and stayed at a hotel there and had dinner. At around 12 o'clock in the night, everyone reached Ganpat Singh's house and gave him earrings, gold rings, silver kandora and sticks for the bride along with one and a half lakh rupees. After that Ganpat Singh got Sohan Singh married with a girl and sent him away. During this the girl remained in a veil. Everyone reached home at 5 in the morning of May 27 and went to sleep.

It was revealed that the bride is fake

In the afternoon, when the women of the house saw the bride to take a photo with the bride, then it came to know that the bride is not the girl in the photo. When questioned the girl, she told her name and address as Hina resident of Himmatnagar. Along with this, he told that Ganpat Singh has got him married by paying 30 thousand rupees. After registering a report, the police arrested the fake bride Hina the very next day.