Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha / The budget session of the Vidhan Sabha will begin from July 3, new recruitments are expected

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 13, 2024, 10:34 PM
Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha: The budget session of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly will begin from July 3. Governor Kalraj Mishra has approved the convening of the assembly session. After the approval of the Governor, now the Assembly Secretariat will issue a notification to convene the session and inform the MLAs about it. This budget session of the Assembly is likely to last for a month.

The Bhajanlal government will present its first full budget in the budget session. Earlier, the Bhajanlal government had presented a four-month vote-on-account in February. The vote-on-account was presented for expenses from April to July. Now the government will present the full budget. The date of presenting the budget will be decided later. The work of the budget session will be decided in the meeting of the Business Advisory Committee (BAC) in the Assembly on July 3.

The Bhajanlal government will make many big announcements in the budget

The full budget of the Bhajanlal government is coming after the results of the Lok Sabha elections. The BJP, which won all 25 seats last time, came down to 14 seats this time. This time the BJP has suffered heavy losses in Shekhawati and eastern Rajasthan. To compensate for this loss suffered by BJP, the government may now focus on eastern Rajasthan and Shekhawati.

Some popular demands for these areas may be included in the budget. There are chances of announcement of new recruitments in the budget. Demands of many areas will also be included. Bhajan Lal government will try to turn the spoiled political equations in its favor through the budget.

Congress will corner the government on electricity, water and many other issues

This time Congress will be aggressive in the budget session of the assembly. After winning 8 seats of its own and 11 seats with the alliance in the Lok Sabha elections, the morale of the Congress MLAs is high. The effect of this psychological advantage will be seen in the budget session of the assembly. Congress will make the derailment of electricity, water and hospital arrangements an issue. This time there is a possibility of a deadlock in the House between Congress and BJP on many issues.

The government's stand will be clear on the schemes of OPS and Gehlot government

During the budget session, there will also be tension on the issue of continuing or stopping the schemes of Gehlot government. Bhajan Lal government will clarify its stand on this in the House. So far, the report of the cabinet sub-committee on the decisions of the last six months of the Gehlot government has not come. A committee has also been formed for the review of new districts. It is believed that there will be uproar between Congress and BJP in the House on these issues.