India-Maldives News / The country is becoming famous in India for the wrong reasons... Former Defense Minister of Maldives

Zoom News : Feb 25, 2024, 08:15 AM
India-Maldives News: Maldives has been in the news for the last few months. After ignoring India, now the leaders of Maldives are reciting ballads in praise of India. Meanwhile, the statement of former Defense Minister of Maldives Maria Didi has come to light. He says that Maldives is becoming famous in India for the wrong reasons, especially on social media. Maldives is not what it is being shown on social media.

While addressing a program, Maria Didi said that she wants to make it clear that the people of Maldives are not like this. They welcome people coming from other countries. We like foreign tourists and their coming to our country. We welcome them. The former minister said that wrong impression should not be made about the people of Maldives.

Former Defense Minister praised India

Along with this, the former Defense Minister praised India a lot. He said that whenever Maldives needed. Neighboring country India always came forward to support him. India always stands by Maldives in times of trouble and supports it. Not only this, India has also been the first to help Sri Lanka. Maria Didi said that when she came to power in the country, her government's only effort was to have friendly relations with the neighboring countries. Also there should be better relations at the international level. The former Defense Minister said that hopefully everything will be fine again soon.

Had commented about PM Modi and India

It is noteworthy that after Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Lakshadweep, Maldives government ministers and some leaders had made objectionable comments about India and PM Modi. After which India had expressed strong objection to this. Boycott Maldives started trending on social media. After this, relations between the two countries became sour.

However, Maldivian ministers who made comments against India and PM Modi had to face opposition in their own country. Many people had condemned his statement, after which the country's Muizzu government was completely on the back foot.