WWE Veer Mahan / The foreign wrestler started sobbing in the grip of the heroic great of UP, conceded defeat in just 80 seconds

Zoom News : May 10, 2022, 06:46 PM
Indian wrestler Veer Mahan continues to shine in WWE. Till now no wrestler has been able to stand in front of him even for two minutes. This week he faced local wrestler Frank Lowman on WWE Raw. In front of Veer, Frank conceded defeat in just 80 seconds. Veer initially thrashed the opposition wrestler, but Frank also hit back at him, which enraged him and grabbed Frank. After this, Frank had no choice but to give up.

Veer has beaten many legendary wrestlers in WWE, but for the past few weeks he has been competing against local wrestlers and is winning easily.

Wrestler was scared before the match

There was already a lot of fear inside the opposition wrestler Frank Lowman after watching Veer's match. He said before the match that he was worried. He has a wife and three children. For them he wants to cross it. He has to do this for his family. Even in this match, Frank never tried to dominate Veer and Veer did not even give a chance to do such a thing.

Veer dominated from the beginning

From the very beginning of the match, Veer Mahan took an aggressive approach. He first gave Frank two slams in a row, but Frank redeemed himself with an elbow hit and gave Veer the Big Boot. Now Veer got angry and gave Frank a Big Side Slam. Simultaneously slammed him on the side of the ring. After this, Veer continued to attack in different ways and made a splash and then hit the closeline. By now the hands and feet of the opposition wrestler were swollen.

It was only a minute before the match started, but the opposition wrestler had lost his breath. Veer then grabbed Frank in the cervical clutch and he started sobbing in pain. Now Frank had no choice but to give up. He conceded defeat in 80 seconds by tapping out. Veer Mahan is winning matches consistently.

No wrestler stood for two minutes in front of Veer

After Veer's return to WWE, no wrestler has been able to stand in front of him for even two minutes. He first defeated Dominic and Rey Mysterio then badly defeated Dominic Mysterio. For the past few weeks, he has been competing against local wrestlers and is winning matches easily. Now the fans want him to be fought in front of a strong wrestler. Veer Mahan may face a tough challenge after the return of the Misterio family.