Students MMS / The girl made a video of 60 girls taking a bath and went viral, 8 tried to kill her

Zoom News : Sep 18, 2022, 10:30 AM
Students MMS: A surprising case has come to light from Chandigarh University of Punjab. In fact, a girl student made a video of 60 girls while taking a bath, which went viral on social media. After this was revealed, 8 girl students attempted suicide in Chandigarh University, Mohali. The condition of 2 girls is said to be critical. It is being told that the girl students created a ruckus in Chandigarh University at around 2.30 pm regarding this. The girls raised slogans for justice. The police has arrested the accused student. A case has been registered in Kharar. A police team has left for Shimla to nab the young man.

8 girl students attempted suicide

Let us tell you that the student made a video of 60 girls while taking a bath and sent these videos to a young man. The young man made the video of the girl students taking a bath viral on social media, after which 8 girl students were deeply shocked and tried to commit suicide. On this matter, Punjab Women's Commission chairperson Manisha Gulati said that soon the videos will be removed from the internet. Students should maintain restraint.

This allegation was made on Chandigarh University Management

Significantly, the girl students who attempted suicide were taken to different hospitals. It is alleged that the Chandigarh University management is pressurizing the students to suppress the matter. The girl students say that they complained to the college management, but the college management did not take any action in the matter.

Video went viral on social media

It is being told that the student was making videos of other girl students taking bath for a long time and was sending it to a young man from Shimla. The young man uploaded these videos on the Internet. When the students saw these videos of theirs on social media, they were stunned.

Know that when fellow girls asked the accused student about making a video and sending it to a young man, he accepted his mistake. The accused student said that yes she recorded videos of girls while taking a bath.

It is worth noting that when 8 girls attempted suicide after their objectionable video went viral, the girl students started creating ruckus in Chandigarh University. The students raised slogans by lighting a mobile torch in their hands.