MMS Scandal / Chandigarh university mms how video emerged and reveal all updates

Zoom News : Sep 19, 2022, 11:32 AM
The MMS scandal in Mohali's Chandigarh University has created a stir in the entire country. Discussions on this matter have been going on since late Saturday night and the ruckus has increased so much that the university administration has decided to close it till September 24. At present, the students have called off their protest after assurance of taking action, but the situation is still tense and the anger of the students persists. Meanwhile, there have been many revelations regarding the MMS scandal. Police say that when this whole matter was investigated and the accused student was caught, then only one call spilled all the secrets. Now revelations are happening fast in this matter.

Ritu Ranaut, Dean Student Welfare of Chandigarh University said that this entire incident has been revealed through a call. He said that when the accused student was being questioned about the incident, at that time calls and messages were coming on her mobile continuously. Then we asked the student to turn on the speaker of the phone and talk. There was a third person to call. Ranaut said that we asked the student to ask her friend who called if she has any video. If so, send it. As soon as the student said this, the boy sent a screenshot of a pornographic video.

Friend's call kept the secret open

When the student was strictly questioned, she said that she did not know how the video reached her. He just sent it to his friend. It was also told that some videos and photos have been deleted from the student's mobile. In this case, the police have arrested the accused student and her friend. In Shimla, a 31-year-old youth has been taken into custody. In this way the investigation of MMS case is reaching other states also.

How to know that videos are being made

The disclosure of this matter was also unintentional. In fact, some girls had seen the accused student making a video from under the bathroom door. He complained to the warden in this matter. Then during interrogation, the girl admitted that she had made some videos. Not only this, he has also been sent to some people.

How the controversy escalated and thousands of students started gathering

The whole case started on Saturday afternoon at 3 pm, when the students came to know about the video being made. Thereafter the Dean was informed and questioning was started. But on seeing this matter reached the WhatsApp groups of the university by Saturday night, the students started gathering and the demonstration started from 1 o'clock in the night. From 2 o'clock in the night, all the senior officers also started arriving. Although the protesters had been pacified by the authorities by Sunday morning, but on Sunday evening the students started gathering again. He said that no action is being taken. However, after persuasion by the administration, the demonstrations have stopped once again.