Chandigarh Mayor Election / BJP candidate wins the election of Senior Deputy Mayor in Chandigarh, shock to Congress-AAP

Zoom News : Mar 04, 2024, 02:51 PM
Chandigarh Mayor Election: After the major decision of the Supreme Court in the controversies of Chandigarh Mayor, the election of Senior Deputy Mayor and Deputy Mayor has been organized in Chandigarh on Monday. Aam Aadmi Party has suffered a big setback in this election. BJP candidate Kuljit Singh Sandhu has become the Senior Deputy Mayor of Chandigarh by winning this election. Let us tell you that the case of malpractices in Chandigarh Mayor elections had reached the Supreme Court. After this the Supreme Court declared the AAP candidate victorious.

Who gets how many votes?

A total of 36 councilors voted in the Chandigarh Deputy Mayor elections. BJP candidate Kuljeet Singh Sandhu got 19 votes in this election. Whereas, Congress-AAP candidate got 16 votes. At the same time, 1 vote in the election has been declared invalid. With this, Kuljeet Singh Sandhu has become Senior Deputy Mayor in Chandigarh Municipal Corporation.

What is the whole controversy about the post of Mayor?

Mayoral elections were held in Chandigarh on 30 January. BJP's Manoj Sonkar had won this election. In the election, Sonkar got 16 votes while Kuldeep Kumar got 12 votes. At the same time, 8 votes were declared invalid. However, Kuldeep Kumar had approached the Supreme Court alleging rigging in the elections. Where the court ruled in favor of Kuldeep Kumar.

BJP also captures the post of Deputy Mayor

BJP candidate has also won the post of Deputy Mayor in Chandigarh Municipal Corporation. BJP's Rajendra Sharma has won the Deputy Mayor election. He has defeated Indi Alliance (Congress) candidate Nirmala Devi. A total of 36 votes were cast, out of which 19 went to the BJP and 17 to the Indi alliance candidate.