Chandigarh Mayor Election / Supreme Court's decision on Mayor election case - Returning Officer tampered with the electoral process

Zoom News : Feb 19, 2024, 04:46 PM
Chandigarh Mayor Election: A hearing was held in the Supreme Court today in the ongoing dispute regarding Chandigarh Mayor election. During the hearing, the Supreme Court has commented on this matter. The Supreme Court has said that the returning officer tampered with the electoral process. The CJI told the returning officer that this is a very serious matter. Whatever you say, if there is any lie then action will be taken against you. Why were you looking into the camera and marking the ballot papers? Returning officer Masih said that all the ballot papers were mutilated. I was just marking them. There were so many cameras that I was just looking at them. On this the CJI said that it is clear that you are marking X on the ballot paper.

The CJI said that you can sign the ballot papers, but why were you putting tick or X on those ballot papers. Rule 11 says you can sign, but which rule says you can put a tick or an X on those ballot papers. Why were you marking those ballot papers? You have marked it. He will have to be prosecuted. This cannot be allowed in an electoral democracy.

Let us tell you that the election of the Mayor of Chandigarh Municipal Corporation was held on January 30. In the counting of votes, 8 votes of the opposition were invalidated. In such a situation, BJP registered victory. In these elections, BJP had won all three posts. In the election for the post of Mayor, BJP's Manoj Sonkar defeated AAP's Kuldeep Kumar. Sonkar got 16 votes, while his rival Kumar got 12 votes. At the same time, eight votes were declared invalid.