Chandigarh Mayor Election / AAP candidate Kuldeep will be the Mayor of Chandigarh, Supreme Court ordered

Zoom News : Feb 20, 2024, 05:21 PM
Chandigarh Mayor Election: Supreme Court declared AAP candidate Kuldeep Kumar the winner in Chandigarh Mayor election. While hearing the case, the Supreme Court said that whatever Returning Officer Anil Masih has done is against democratic rules. A three-member bench headed by CJI DY Chandrachud gave this verdict while hearing the case. Earlier, Returning Officer Anil Masih appeared before the court. Arguments were given from both sides. The CJI along with fellow judges Justice Manoj Mishra and Justice JB Pardiwala also checked the ballot papers and declared as valid all the eight ballot papers which were declared invalid by the Returning Officer.

The Supreme Court said in the decision that the Returning Officer is clearly guilty in this entire matter, the ballot papers were not spoiled, they were folded properly and also had rubber stamps. It is clear from this that the role of Christ is wrong on two levels. Firstly, he spoiled the election and secondly, he lied before this court. In such a situation, action should be taken against them. The Supreme Court said that we believe that the decision given by Christ is not according to the law after counting.

The court is responsible for complete justice

The Supreme Court said in the decision that an appeal has been made in the petition that elections should be conducted afresh. Apart from this, other relief has also been demanded. We believe that the elections should be cancelled. However, what has been done by Anil Masih is against democratic rules. That is why the court has the responsibility of providing complete justice under Article 142. If the 8 votes declared invalid are added, then the Aam Aadmi Party candidate has a total of 20 votes. In such a situation, the justice is that the current election should be retained. In such a situation, Aam Aadmi Party candidate Kuldeep Kumar is clearly victorious.

SC had reprimanded the returning officer

Let us tell you that on Monday, the Supreme Court had strongly reprimanded the Returning Officer Anil Masih. The court has also said that a case will be filed against Anil Masih for interfering in the election process. The court said that instead of holding fresh elections, the mayor of Chandigarh should be elected on the basis of the voting held on January 30.

What happened in the mayor election?

Let us tell you that the election of Chandigarh Mayor was held on 30 January. In this election, Congress-AAP alliance had a total of 20 votes and BJP had 16 votes. If we look at the numerical strength, it was in favor of AAP and Congress but BJP won the election. In fact, the returning officer had declared 8 votes of Congress-AAP alliance invalid and declared BJP's Manoj Sonkar the winner. There was a lot of uproar over this. A video was also shared and on the basis of it it was being alleged that Officer Anil Masih tampered with the ballot paper.

Demand for fresh elections

During the hearing in the Supreme Court, Justice Pastorwala said that the statement given by Masih yesterday was wrong. Senior lawyer Maninder Singh told the bench that please see Section 38(3), clearly fresh elections should be held. The same demand has been made in the petition also. Maninder Singh is giving arguments in the court on behalf of Mayor Manoj Sonkar who recently resigned.