Bihar Board Exam / The only boy among 500 girls came to take the exam, he fainted after seeing so many girl students

Zoom News : Feb 02, 2023, 11:41 AM
Bihar Board Exam: A strange incident has come to light from Nalanda in Bihar. In fact, here a student fainted when he saw around 500 girl students at the exam center. This matter is surprising. The family members of the boy themselves have admitted that after seeing so many girls he became nervous and later he fainted. At present, the student is hospitalized and his treatment is going on. This news remains a topic of discussion on social media at this time. People want to know why the boy fainted after seeing the huge crowd of girls?

boy fainted in exam hall

Please tell that this strange incident happened in Nalanda during the intermediate examination. During the Bihar Board's 12th class exam, a student fell unconscious in the examination hall itself. He was then taken to the hospital. The name of this student is Manish Shankar and his age is 17 years.

boy fainted because of this

Actually, student Manish Shankar was made to sit alone in the examination center among 500 girl students. Due to sitting among more girls, he became so nervous that instead of giving the exam, he fainted. This is the case of Brilliant Convent Private School. After fainting, the student was hurriedly admitted to Bihar Sharif Sadar Hospital. His treatment is going on.

passed out on the way to my seat

Know that the exam center of Manish Shankar, a student of Allama Iqbal College, was at the Brilliant Convent School, Sundergarh. This examination center falls in Bihar Sharif. He had reached the examination center on time to give the Mathematics paper. But he fainted while going to his seat.

A relative of student Manish told that as soon as he entered the examination hall, there were only girls. There was only one student in the exam center among 500 girls. In such a situation, such an incident took place when a single boy was made to sit among so many girls. The woman said that my nephew got nervous seeing so many girls at once.