Lifestyle / The woman felt the hassle of changing clothes - after spending 24 lakhs got tattoos made on the whole body now she started roaming without clothes

Zoom News : Sep 03, 2022, 02:35 PM
Lifestyle: In the last few years, people's craze about tattoos has increased a lot. Some limit it to a hobby, but for some it reaches the extent of madness and insanity. In the age of social media, people do not hesitate to do anything to become famous. Something similar happened on Kerstin Tristan. Wanting freedom from the hassle of changing clothes again and again, Kerstin Tristan came up with a wonderful way of doing this.

Freedom from clothes Kerstin Tristan, a resident of Germany, used to be lazy to change clothes again and again. Someone was looking for a way by which he could get freedom from this mess. Kerstin Tristan brainwashed and spent 24 lakhs to get colorful tattoos all over his body. Yes, Kerstin Tristan got such a laziness to wear clothes, got colored tattoos done all over the body.

24 lakhs Kerstin Tristan spent 24 lakhs to get this tattoo done on the whole body. Kerstin Tristan's entire body is full of tattoos. He has got all the parts of the body colored with tattoos except the face. After getting the tattoo done, he has also shared on social media.

Kerstin Tristan is 50 years old, however when you come to know about Kerstin Tristan's age, you will be stunned. Kerstin Tristan is 50 years old, but you will not be able to believe seeing her passion for tattoos. He shares his hot pictures on his Instagram page. The number of his followers is in millions.

Became social media queen Kreistin, 50, tattooed her entire body to eliminate the hassle of changing clothes frequently, but her habit made her go viral on social media. Kreistin is working as a tattoo model. He has got tattoos of colorful flowers, birds, butterfly designs on his body. She is earning well as a tattoo model. At the same time, she has 189K followers on Instagram.

Tattoo model earns in lakhs As a tattoo model, she earns in lakhs through photoshoots. Apart from this, she is earning well by posting her hot photos on Instagram. She charges a hefty fee for brand endorsements on social media. While people praise her, the trolls are no less, but Kreistin says she doesn't care.