Rajasthan / Thief melted by mother's tears in Barmer, left a three-day-old innocent on the road after 17 hours

Zoom News : Jul 10, 2021, 03:45 PM
Barmer. From the border Barmer to the innocent road that made headlines across the state, was found in an unclaimed condition. Abodh was released by the alleged thieves, melting in his mother's tears. After the recovery of the innocent, where the police heaved a sigh of relief, the same family is also very happy to have their child back. The mother of the child has thanked all the people who worked hard to get the piece of his liver back to him.

The Barmer Police was in trouble for the whole day regarding the case of a child stolen from the district hospital in Alsubah district hospital on Friday. In this first case of child theft in Barmer district, there was a cloud of concern for the police regarding the recovery of the child as well as its safety. Taking the matter very seriously, Barmer Superintendent of Police Anand Sharma formed 6 different teams and engaged more than 100 police officers and personnel in search of the child.

At the same time, Barmer MLA Mevaram Jain was also keeping a close watch on this matter. After the photo and information of the child became increasingly viral on social media, the person carrying the child saw himself being surrounded by all around and felt it better to leave the child. In such a situation, the mother who was crying throughout the day has made a touching appeal and demanded that her child be returned safely. After a few minutes, hearing the news of the innocent being found safely, even the mother's heart was not bloated with joy.

Mother Kamala Rajpurohit has thanked her heartily for meeting the child for the safe return of her three-day-old baby. After getting the child, Kamala told with tears of joy that she was longing for a piece of her liver since morning. Now that the baby is found after 3 days it is equal to his second birth for him.