Lok Sabha Election / Threat to its own Congress - INDIA alliance stuck in trouble on 93 seats

Zoom News : Oct 30, 2023, 08:45 PM
Lok Sabha Election: BJP and Congress have fielded their candidates on all the seats in MP. Election campaign has also intensified. Everyone has their own claims regarding the election results. There is a direct contest between BJP and Congress in the elections. Congress national spokesperson Supriya Srinetra, who is camping in Bhopal, says, last time we were two seats short of the majority, but this time the victory will be such that we will not need anyone's support. There are 230 assembly seats in MP. Support of 116 MLAs is necessary to form the government.

To avoid anti-incumbency, BJP has fielded seven MPs including three Union Ministers. CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan has also filed nomination from his traditional seat Budhni. This time BJP has contested the elections without a CM face. But from the Congress side, former Chief Minister Kamal Nath has been made the CM candidate.

There is chaos in the Congress camp after ticket distribution. Some have gone to other parties in search of tickets, while some have created discord by staying in the party. Some angry people of the party have been pacified by senior Congress leaders. Now the fight for Congress is on two fronts. He has to fight both with his own people and also with his opponents. The problem of Congress is that it cannot openly go against its own people. Who knows, they may be needed after the elections. The biggest thing is that if you fight openly with your own people, then there can be a crisis in the Lok Sabha elections. The relationship between Congress and the constituent parties of the India Alliance is at such a turning point. The allies of India Alliance have increased the tension of Congress. Well, everyone's objective is the same. This aim is to defeat BJP at any cost.

Kamalnath has some other plan in mind

Samajwadi Party, JDU and Aam Aadmi Party have also placed thorns in the path of the party and power in Bhopal. The central leadership of the party wanted to have electoral coordination with the Samajwadi Party. But Kamal Nath had something else in his mind. That is why there was no discussion on seat distribution. Angry Akhilesh Yadav has so far fielded his candidates on 73 seats. Aam Aadmi Party has also announced 70 tickets so far. Arvind Kejriwal had earlier announced to contest elections on all seats. In the last civic elections, AAP got six percent votes. JDU also released the list of five candidates at the last moment. In this way, these allies have now become a dilemma for the Congress which is stuck in direct competition with the BJP.

Competition with India Alliance parties on 92 seats

Congress is competing with the constituent parties of the Indian Alliance on 92 assembly seats of MP. Of these, Congress is fighting against Samajwadi Party and AAP on 26 seats. AAP and JDU are in competition with Congress on three seats. Division of anti-BJP votes may cause direct loss to Congress. In the seats where there is a close contest between Congress and BJP, it is expected to benefit BJP. According to the information, the parties included in the India Alliance are contesting elections against Congress on 92 seats of MP.

India alliance's constituents become trouble

Out of the seats which Congress had won by a very small margin last time, the constituent parties of India Alliance are contesting on nine seats. Similarly, out of those seats which Congress had lost by a very small margin, the constituent parties of India are contesting on six seats. If because of these, there is a dent in the votes received by the Congress candidate, then the Congress may have to face losses. In the last assembly elections, Samajwadi Party had won one seat, while it stood second on six seats. Samajwadi Party and JDU have accused Congress of lack of electoral coordination.