India / Travel from Delhi to Mumbai by train will soon be in just 12 hours, know what is the planning of railways

Zoom News : Jun 15, 2021, 11:37 AM
New Delhi: The distance between the country's capital Delhi and the financial capital Mumbai is going to be reduced. For this, the Railways has also made complete preparations. The speed of the train will be increased between Delhi and Mumbai, for this the Western Railway has prepared a complete plan. At present, the journey of about 16 hours between Delhi and Mumbai can be completed in 12 hours.

In fact, the railway between Delhi and Mumbai is preparing to build a boundary on the 160 km rail route between Virar and Surat. With this, the speed of Radjadhani Express running between Delhi and Mumbai will be increased.

According to the report of the English newspaper Times of India, Western Railway has taken out the contract for this. A budget of 120 crores has been kept for the construction of boundary wall on this 160 km long rail route. It is expected that after the end of monsoon, work on this corridor will start in August-September. The deadline of March 2024 has been set for this project.

How will the speed be reduced by making the boundary?

According to the railways, due to the movement of animals and humans on the rail route, the train operation slows down. With the construction of the boundary, the speed of the train will increase and the operation can be done without any hindrance.

What will be the difference between speed and time?

The current speed of Rajdhani Express running between Delhi and Mumbai is 130 kmph. At this speed, it takes about 16 hours to travel between Delhi and Mumbai. Railways believe that the speed will increase to 160 kmph due to the construction of boundary on the rail route between Virat and Surat. At the same time, the time will be reduced to just 12 hours.