Bollywood / Under which rule Shahrukh Khan was stopped at Mumbai Airport know the opinion of experts

Vikrant Shekhawat : Nov 12, 2022, 09:50 PM
Mumbai Airport​ News: Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan and team had to go through the customs department's inquiry at Mumbai airport. Shahrukh returned to Mumbai late on Friday night from Dubai in a private chartered plane. After questioning about a bell, the customs let them go. According to Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) sources, Shahrukh Khan was coming from Sharjah (UAE) and had covers of expensive watches which cost Rs 18 lakh. For which he had to pay custom duty of Rs 6.83 lakh. After all, what was this whole matter and what are its legal aspects. To understand this, Zee News spoke with Advocate Sumir Keswani.

Advocate Sumir Keswani told that Expensive Good is called Dutiable Good, now how much tax is levied on these good is decided by a calculation which is adopted by the Custom Department. If someone is caught without paying, then action is taken against him. This rule is for everyone. This action has been completed under Custom Act Section-12.

Advocate Keswani said, 'It is difficult to say what was the motive of Shahrukh Khan, but looking at this incident, it seems that he wanted to get out without paying custom duty. He will not realize that he will be caught, perhaps that is why he could not hide the empty box, but he did hide the watches.

There were boxes of precious watches in the bag.

Shahrukh Khan, his manager Pooja Dadlani, body guard Ravi and some other people returned to Mumbai from UAE late on Friday night in a private charter plane VTR-SG. On scanning their bags while crossing the red channel at the T3 terminal of the airport, the custom officials found expensive watches worth about Rs 18 lakh. In which the watches of Espirit, Babun & Zurbk and Apple series are said to be included, whose total price was said to be Rs 17 lakh 56 thousand 500.

Empty watch boxes of luxury brands like Rolex were also found in the bag. The customs department wanted information as to why there are empty boxes, where are the branded watches, how much they cost. Regarding all this, the custom officers also interrogated the team including Shahrukh for some time.