Bollywood / Urfi Javed Shares Horrific Experience From Her Initial Career Days Lifted My Saree So That My Underwear

Zoom News : Oct 22, 2021, 09:48 PM
Bollywood | Bigg Boss OTT fame actress Urfi Javed remains in the headlines for her outfits. Urfi Javed, who is quite comfortable about bold outfits, recently revealed how once a producer raised her saree high enough during a scene so that her innerwear could be seen in the camera.

picked up the sari so that the underwear could be seen

Our partner website has told about this in one of its reports quoting TOI. According to the report, Urfi Javed said, 'There was a scene in which the actor who played my brother-in-law had to look at me. But the producer turned this sight into a touching scene. He raised my sari so high through that boy so that my underwear could be seen.

Shot till the lesbian scene

Then I realized that she is playing with me. But then I continued to do scenes. Urfi told that she cried and pleaded in front of that producer but he threatened her that if she does not do the scenes according to her wishes, she will get her thrown in jail. Urfi Javed told that that producer also got her intense lesbian scenes done.

Urfi kept crying and the camera kept running

Urfi Javed told that she was crying while lying on the bed that this scene should not be shot because she would not be able to do it. He apologized but the producer kept threatening him and continued to shoot the scene. In this way, gradually this scene was shot completely. Let us tell you that Urfi Javed often makes headlines for his controversial outfits.