Entertainment / US company to pay one person ₹95,000 to watch 13 horror movies in 10 days

Zoom News : Sep 14, 2021, 11:37 AM
Washington: If you think you can watch 13 horror movies in just 10 days, there’s an offer that might just be too good for you to pass.

A finance company has announced they will pay an individual $1,300 to watch 13 scary movies in October.

Their objective is to find out whether the size of a movie's budget has an impact on its effectiveness with the viewers, according to a CNN report.

FinanceBuzz is calling the position 'Horror Movie Heart Rate Analyst' and the person filling it will watch 13 of the scariest movies ever made while his/her heart rate is monitored using FitBit, the company said in a news release.

"In honor of the upcoming spooky season, we at FinanceBuzz are dying to know whether or not high-budget horror movies deliver stronger scares than low-budget ones," the release said.

It added: "You'll help us discover whether or not a movie's budget impacts just how dread-inducing it can be by wearing a Fitbit to monitor your heart rate while you work your way through the list of 13 movies."

The FitBit will be provided to the candidate by the company along with a $50 budget to cover the rental costs of all the movies.

These are the 13 movies on the horror fest watchlist – Saw, Amityville Horror, A Quiet Place, A Quiet Place Part 2, Candyman, Insidious. The Blair Witch Project. Sinister, Get Out, The Purge, Halloween (2018), Paranormal Activity, Annabelle.

Applications for the position are due by 26 September 2021. However, it is only for those who are based in the United States and above the age of 18.