Lifestyle / Vastu Tips for Sleep in Home Sleeping in wrong direction rift between husband and wife

Zoom News : Aug 07, 2022, 09:03 PM
Vastu Tips for Sleep in Home: If married life is not going well then Vastu defects can be the reason. When married life is filled with bitterness, both husband and wife remain upset. Earlier the husband used to look after the work outside, the wife used to look after all the arrangements of the house like a sugrihini, but in today's time the situation has changed. If both husband and wife are working, then the matter is equal. Let us know in this article how husband and wife should sleep in their bedroom, so that there is a good harmony between the two.

There are some rules in the scriptures for husband and wife

There are rules in the scriptures regarding the sleeping of husband and wife. By working in a scriptural manner, peace remains in the family and the couple. Married life remains happy and all the work gets done. Husband and wife are two wheels of the same car and the car moves forward only when both the wheels move together. If love continues to grow among themselves, then happiness comes. The scriptures say that the wife should sit on the right side in religious rituals such as naming a child, Annaprashan, marriage, Kanyadan, Yagya, worship, chanting, etc. By the way, the wife is called Vamangi, as there is mother Parvati and Lord Shankar in the form of Ardhanarishwar. Except for religious, spiritual and transcendental works, the place of wife should be on the left side in other worldly works like in a meeting, while sleeping, while eating, while receiving blessings etc.

What does Vastu Shastra say

Vastu says that the head of the house, that is, the operator of the house, should sleep in the high energy zone. One should sleep in the south direction. Rooms are small, after putting a double bed in them, there is very limited space left, so it is important to pay attention to which direction of the bed to sleep. There can be four sides here. The bed should be kept in such a way that the sleeping couple's feet should not be in the south direction. Scientifically understand North is plus and South is minus. Similarly, the leg of our body is minus and the head is plus. So the direction of minus minus and plus plus should not be on one side. It is best to head in the south direction and feet in the north direction.