Russia Ukraine War / Vladimir Putin is now in a cross mood, said – Stabbed in the back, will not leave

Zoom News : Jun 24, 2023, 01:50 PM
Russia Ukraine War: Russia's private army has turned against President Vladimir Putin. Putin said that Wagner had stabbed the people of Russia in the back. Russian army is challenged. The public has been cheated. He said that the situation in Rostov will be normalized soon. Putin told that the Russian army is acting like a hero. He is in a cross mood. He said that orders have been given to take action against Wagner. It is clear from Putin's words that he will not compromise on Ukraine. Meanwhile, the rebels have been asked to surrender.

The Russian private army Wagner Group has rebelled. Its fighters were fighting shoulder to shoulder with the Russian army in Ukraine. Now, on the contrary, they have started targeting the Russian army itself. Wagner's chief is considered a friend of Putin. The chief of the group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, is being appealed to stop the rebellion against Putin. Its fighters have captured the headquarters of the Russian army located in Rostov-on-Don.

Not rebellion, fighting for justice

Wagner Chief shared a video on social media and said that he is waiting for the arrival of the Chief Army Staff. Until they come, he will stay there with his fighter. If the Chief of Army Staff does not come, he will keep the city of Rostov under his control and then move towards Moscow with his fighters. It is learned that the Federal Security Service has meanwhile opened criminal cases against the Wagner Chief. The FSB is considering it an armed rebellion, while Wagner Chief said that it is not a rebellion, but a 'march for justice'.

Order to deal with anti-terrorist activities in Moscow

According to media reports, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has issued orders to deal with anti-terrorist activities in the capital. Meanwhile, it is being told in many areas that the army has been deployed on the roads. Vehicles are also being investigated. Security measures have been increased in the Russian capital amid claims by Wagner chief Prigozhin. They are particularly protesting against the senior military officer of the Russian army, who allegedly did not give them the weapons the Wagner fighters needed.