Special / Weird news of a sikua tree in california burning since more than a year after wildfire

Zoom News : Jun 11, 2021, 10:29 PM
Special: Unknowingly or unknowingly, some such incidents happen in the world, which make everyone restless. Some mysteries turn everyone's head by becoming a puzzle, but it is not easy to uncover them. Such mysteries remain in the headlines. Something similar has happened with a strange tree in California. There is a lot of discussion about this tree in the country and abroad. After reading this strange news, you will also be in thinking.

The flames are rising since 2000

Whenever a tree catches fire, it turns into a pile of ash after burning for 2-3 days. But a California Weird Tree has been burning in flames for a year and a half. Even scientists are surprised to see this. For your information, let us tell you that in 2020 there was a fierce fire in the forests of California. This fire had burnt to ashes lakhs of trees spread over 1.5 lakh acres of land in the forest. Recently, a team of National Park Service staff had reached this forest to take stock of the devastation caused by the fire. During this, when he saw a Sikua tree, he could not believe his eyes.

The look of the tree cast by the camera

From this tree, tall balloons of smoke were rising upwards towards the sky. To examine the tree, he looked at it through a long camera lens. Then he realized that this Sikua tree is very old and is burning in the fire for the last one and a half years. When this news reached the scientists, they were also surprised. Investigation revealed that the embers inside this tree are burning it very slowly. At the same time, this tree has not even burnt from above.