World / WhatsApp gave new life to the person buried in the debris, the student had shared the location

Zoom News : Feb 10, 2023, 04:05 PM
Ankara. After the massive earthquake in Turkey, people buried under the buildings turned into a pile of debris appealed to save their lives by sharing the location of social media sites to request help. Due to this many people could be traced and the rescue workers succeeded in saving many lives. One such student used WhatsApp, after which he and his mother could be saved. Boran Kubat, a 20-year-old student, was rescued from under the rubble of an apartment in eastern Turkey after sharing his location in a video appeal on WhatsApp.

Boran Kubat came to Malatya from Istanbul with his mother. That's why this family came under the grip of the terrible double earthquake that came on Monday. After surviving the first earthquake in the morning, the family re-entered the building. While the building collapsed after the subsequent 7.5 magnitude earthquake. Trapped with his relatives under the rubble of the apartment, Boran Kubat used social media on his smartphone to alert his friends. Boran used WhatsApp to record a video message pleading for help and sharing his location.

Boran Kubat said that 'Whoever sees this WhatsApp location, please come and help. Everyone please come and save us now.' Rescuers were then able to locate the family and rescue Boran and his mother from under the rubble. Boran told Turkey's state news agency that his friends had to try four to five times with a hammer to find the exact spot. He also said that his uncle and grandmother remained trapped even after that. Meanwhile, social media was flooded with appeals for immediate help for victims trapped in earthquake-ravaged areas in Syria and Turkey.